Tuesday, 9 January

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Round House

Tuesday, 9 January

Foggy in the morning, dull


I chatted happily with Sun Fo at home today. He said again that Ling Jidong was not easy to work with. He also said General Chiang hated Italy most because Mussolini, in his speeches, said Chiang would share the fates of the Abyssinian Emperor and the Czechoslovakian President who had escaped to Britain. General Chiang really hated him for this.

In the afternoon Ma Chaojun came. He said with regard to the KMT-CCP issue, He Zhonghan and others had said that we should try our best to adjust and ask Sun Fo to shoulder this difficulty. I said it was inappropriate to do so before Sun Fo had received orders from General Chiang, as it would arouse misunderstanding from General Chiang’s close associates. The best way to solve the problem was if Ma Chaojun and He Zhonghan, as well as others, thought of a fair method, and submitted it to General Chiang. If Sun Fo was needed to advise the Eighth Route Army, I thought he would certainly accept the mission. Yes, I thought the actions of the CCP were certainly inappropriate, but for the sake of the prospect of our resistance war and Sino-Soviet relations, we should tolerate them as much as possible. I suggested we should try our best to get those people in Yenan participating in the Central Government. The CCP’s request for a constitution also indicated its wish to participate in the Central Government. So why not invite them to join before the whole thing becomes a reality? With regard to the CCP, I thought the so-called brilliant people amongst them were just so-so and I never feared them. Sun Fo quite agreed with what I said.