Friday, 9 February

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Chungking to Dushiqiao

Friday, 9 February


At 2.p.m. I took a car with Sun Fo, Li Wenfan, and Deng Zhaoyin to leave the Round House. Originally I  want Sun Fo to sit next to the driver so I asked Deng Zhaoyin to take the guards’ car. However, Sun Fo  agree and insisted on asking the two of us to go in the back seats, and he sat in the front seat. Recently Sun Fo has treated those whom he viewed as friends with greater respect than before. No wonder Wang Chonghui[1] said that recently Sun Fo has made greater progress in abiding by Chinese social etiquette than he has done in the past. At 4.00 we went to Dushiqiao and took a rest for a while at Sun Fo’s residence, then we went to the Taotao restaurant at Beibei for dinner. Sun Fo said that he really treasured his old friends. On hearing this both Li Wenfan and Deng Zhaoyin were quite moved. After dinner I returned to my dormitory with Deng Zhaoyin.

[1] Here Fu Bingchang used “a very wealthy man” to refer to Wang Chonghui.