Monday, 8 January

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Round House

Monday, 8 January


It was foggy in the morning. The weather was fine.

This morning Sun Fo was invited to deliver talks at three universities including Central University. I had no car so I went to the memorial weekly service. Liu Weichi and Deng Jiayan (鄧家彥)[1] came to tell me that He Yingqin reported that we could take back Nanning around the tenth of the month and he also spoke strongly again against the CCP’s  illegal acts. He talked for an hour and a half.

Zhang Ximan (張西曼)[2] came to talk about the Sino-Soviet Cultural Association situation, saying the account handled by Wang Kunlun was messy and he was not cooperating with Shao Lizi (邵力子)[3] as well as the Soviet Embassy. Zhang Ximan suggested if Liang Hancao return I could take the job to be in charge of everything. I replied that as I was the Head of the Legislative Yuan Diplomatic Committee, I could not take the post which would arouse ill-feelings amongst other countries. He thought so too.

Zeng Qiwei came to talk with me about his various difficulties. He had also found a job for Gong Weizhang in Yang Huari’s (楊華日)[4] work place. I thanked him for his kindness, and also told him Zhou Qigang had appointed him yesterday as the Secretary of the Foreign Section.

At 2.00 p.m. I went with Tianjuan and Yukun to buy records: Beethoven’s Concerto No.5 (“The Emperor”) played by Walter Gieseking (Pianoforte) & the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Bruno Walter. There were five records in the package, which cost 196 dollars. I decided to take it after I had been back and forth to the shop many times because at first I thought it was too expensive. But afterwards I considered that there was no such record in the Chungking markets and it would not be easily available again (the Customs viewed them as contraband.) Also I lived forlornly in Dushiqiao, I could take this as a pastime, so it was worth buying. So, though it was expensive I bought it.

Li Dugong invited us to his newly-furnished home at Floor 3, 54 Baojieyuan Street to have dinner. I stayed there for a while then I immediately went to the appointment with Wei Daoming and others. (17, Guofu Road) I did not return home until 10.00 p.m.

[1] Deng Jiayan (1883-1966) was a veteran revolutionary leader from Guangxi.

[2] Zhang Ximan(1895-1949) was a Russian expert and politician. He was a native of Hunan.

[3] Shao Lizi (1882-1967) was a politician from Zhejiang.

[4] Yang Huari had studied at Lingnan University.