Sunday, 7 January

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Round House

Sunday, 7 January


I woke early in the morning. The weather was fine. It was foggy.

I received a call from Wang Chonghui. He asked me to go to his place. On arrival he told me that General Chiang had invited him to have lunch. He wanted to go there earlier at 11.30 so the two of them could discuss the approval of the Sino-Soviet Commercial Treaty. I immediately asked Tianjuan to bring my examination report speech, and others, to come to Wang’s residence to give to Wang Chonghui to relay to Chiang. I had lunch with Tianjuan, and Bao Yuanru and then took a stroll on the streets with them. At 4.00 I visited Wang Chonghui again. He told me that General Chiang still insisted on procrastinating over the approval procedure, and to hold it until he is back from the Front. (He departed this afternoon and will be back in about two weeks.) According to what Wang Chonghui observed and what Chen Puxian (陳溥賢)[1] said, the delay was not because of the treaty itself, but as a matter of fact, it was because of the recent tensions with the CCP. Recently, things like Zhu De’s (朱德)[2] open cablegram made the CCP intolerable to the Central Government. Now the Central Government was absolutely determined to impose the terms that the CCP must implement, for example if the CCP refused to dismiss Zhu De and others, and publicise the CCP’s open cablegrams and at the same time send troops to suppress the CCP. At the moment He Yingqin was negotiating with Ye Jianying, so probably Chiang does not want to publicise the Sino-Soviet Commercial Treaty until the CCP issue has been settled. Also it is likely that Chiang wants to decide the matter after discovering the American attitude following the expiry of the American-Japanese Commercial Treaty.

In the afternoon I returned home. Sun Fo told me how he had dealt with the CCP. He also said Wang Jingwei might come to power. The enemy might manipulate Wang Jingwei into retreating troops and take the opportunity as a graceful way to back out of the embarrassing situation. I thought he was too optimistic. I chatted with Sun Fo until 11.00 then I went to bed.

[1] Chen Puxian (1891-1957) was a native of Fujian who had studied at Waseda University. He was a journalist and politician. He was also a pioneer in the introduction of Socialism and Marxism to China. He died in Taiwan in 1957.

[2] Zhu De (1886-1976).