Thursday, 7 December

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Thursday, 7 December


Lou Tongsun invited us to have lunch at the restaurant opened by the aide-de-camp, Li Weikuan. His wife, Fu Liru (福麗如), went to see Lin Gengbai. After he got drunk he spoke carelessly. I returned with Baoqiao earlier and we had a chat at my home.


I wrote to Wang Chonghui, informing him that I was planning to go to Chongqing next Tuesday and stay in his place.


The newspapers reported that Wu Peifu (吳佩孚)[1] had passed away in Peiping. In terms of knowledge it was for certain that he lagged behind the age, but after he failed he did not seek asylum in the Concessions and after the Sino-Japanese Incident he did not agree to being manipulated by the Japanese. His integrity was truly admirable.

[1] Wu Peifu (1874-1939) was a Chinese warlord.