Saturday, 6 January

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Round House

Saturday, 6 January


I woke early in the morning. The weather was fine. It was foggy.

At 9.00 Wang Chonghui sent a car to fetch me to go shopping together. I also went with Yukan. He bought a phonograph and joked that people would laugh at him and say, ‘Ah Ben reared a dog’[1] and that he had changed in character. We had lunch together at the Daisanyuan restaurant. Then I returned home.

In the evening Ling Jidong and I invited people to dinner at the Sun’s residence. The guests, including male and female, numbered twenty. Mrs. Huang, who was Mrs. Sun’s former nurse whom Chan Chak and others called “Aunty”, was as pretty and elegant as in the past.

[1] A Cantonese proverb.