Saturday, 6 April

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Round House

Saturday, 6 April


I left the Round House at 7.30 a.m. I reached Dushiqiao at 9.30 a.m.

At ten o’clock we had a meeting of the Legislative Yuan. It ended at eleven. Then Sun Fo immediately declared a switch to colloquium. He gave a report on yesterday’s discussion of the draft constitution in the National Political Council. He also refuted point by point the amendments to the Wuwu draft constitution raised by Carsun Chang and others under the name of the Xianzheng Qichenghui. With regard to the proposed National Assembly, he spoke in particularly great detail. After he made the report, he asked me to provide supplementary information. So I reported what happened regarding our debates with Carsun Chang, Lo Wenkan (羅文榦)[1] and Luo Longji (羅隆基).[2] I also referred to the words of Li Wenfan. Li said that originally we invited them to be guests, but now they wanted to occupy our kitchen, which forced us to take the bowl to beg from one household after another, and it was a bit too much. I strongly urged all the people of the Legislative Yuan to support the draft constitution. I also touched upon the propagation method. Afterwards those who spoke were mainly supportive to our suggestions. After the end of the colloquium, President Sun invited those committees who had participated in drafting the constitution to have lunch. Sun Fo also asked me to convene them to prepare a concrete proposal. They all nominated me to be the convener. Wu Shangying, Shi Shangkuan, Lou Tongsun, Chen Chengheng, Wei Tingsun, Huang Youchang (黃右昌)[3], Lin Bin (林彬), Liu Kejun(劉克儁), Luo Ding(羅鼎), Peng Yangguang would draft the proposal. I immediately asked Ma Kejun (馬克俊) to record what I intended to say in the proposal. Sun Fo returned to Chungking in the afternoon.

[1] Lo Wenkan(1888-1941) was a Cantonese legal expert who had studied at Oxford University. He was close to Carsun Chang. Lo Wenkan served in both the Beiyang and Nationalist Governments.

[2] Luo Longji(1896-1965) was a politician. He was one of the leaders of the China Democratic League.

[3] Huang Youchang (1885-1970) was a legal expert who had studied at Waseda University. He was a native from Hunan.