Friday, 5 January

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Round House

Friday, 5 January


I woke early in the morning. The weather was fine. It was foggy.

Wang Chonghui said, via the telephone, that as General Chiang had many questions with regard to the Sino-Soviet Commercial Treaty, probably because his close associates understand its points, then he thought that I should still slightly tidy up the Legislative Yuan meeting report and give one copy to General Chiang. It happened that Bao Yuanru was summoned by me to Chungking so we discussed the amendment of the wording, and added explanations to the points General Chiang queried. In the evening I went to Wang Chonghui’s home to have supper and discuss the matter in detail.

The newly-appointed Turkish Ambassador to China, Emin Ali Sipahi, visited Sun Fo with his secretary, Yumin Sedes. As he wanted to talk about civil law Sun Fo asked me to talk to him. He said ten years ago he had read the civil law publicised by China. He asked me about the drafting process. I told him a little bit. He had studied law and been a lawyer, so he paid attention to this. He could speak French quite well, while his English was not very good but he could listen. Therefore he asked in French and I replied in English so we could barely communicate without the help of a translator. But his secretary was good at English, French and German. Secretary Duan was also present.

Huang Linshu came to say goodbye. He was going to Shaoguan to take up the post of Director of the Guangdong Education Department. He said the victory we secured in Northern Guangdong was real, and that Li Hanhun has not left Shaoguan.