Monday, 5 February

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Round House

Monday, 5 February


At 9.00 I went to the National Government with Sun Fo to attend the weekly memorial service. Mr. H.H. Kung made a report.

At the Central Committee colloquium, He Yingqin reported a fierce battle was going on in Nanning. The enemy has increased its troops to one hundred thousand soldiers, while our side also increased to some one hundred thousand. Wang Chonghui reported as follows: 1) With regard to the boundary negotiations between Japan and the Soviet Union, Japan took advantage of the Soviet-Finnish war to bully the Soviet Union as it insisted on using a map which had no concrete evidence, and as a result the conference had broken down. 2) Japan bombarded the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway. The United States also raised a protest against it. Its reasoning was that Japan should not break the only route between the American Government and the Chinese Government. What the United States based this protest upon was the Nine-Power Treaty, and the importance of its impact was much bigger than the French protest based on infringing property interest. This action from the United States was rather beneficial to our side.

Zhang Qun invited us to have dinner at his home. I went there with Sun Fo. Sun Fo told me that He Yingqin said that Ye Jianying seemed quite eager to solve the various questions between the KMT and the CCP, so the KMT-CCP problem is not as serious as before.