Thursday, 4 April

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Round House

Thursday, 4 April


Zeng Qihui returned to Hong Kong today. Sun Fo had received a cablegram from his family this morning, urging him not to return to Hong Kong. So his family matter had been settled.


Gu Yiqun (顧翊群) came. He talked about the economic situation in Guangdong and the condition of the provincial bank in details.

After lunch I talked with Sun Fo with regard to the papers in the Yen case. Then I immediately wrote to C.H. Wu.

In the afternoon I went with Wu Shangying to Li Dugong’s home. Huang Junbi and Lang Jingshan (郎靜山)[1] both came and talked with us. Ma Xiuzhong and Minqin also came. As it was too late I could not return to the Round House so I stayed in Li Dugong’s home. I talked with Jiang Fangling about her life experience until four in the morning.

Zhang Bojun came. He talked about how Li Jishen had done recently as well as the constitution drafting.

[1] Lang Jingshan(1892-1995) was a renowned photographer in Modern China.