Sunday, 3 December

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Sunday, 3 December


I woke early in the morning. Gong Yunzhang(龔雲章) brought me a big batch of straw, saying that putting it under the bed mat could keep me warm and dry. We could not get a better mat here so this is what we can do.


I took a walk with Tianjuan near the Legislative Yuan. The annual rent for the whole compound of the Legislative Yuan was 400 dollars. The so-called hostel for the committees was really dilapidated which was worse than the place where I lived.


I spent the whole day on decorating my bedroom. Luckily I brought with me many Chinese paintings as well as photos, but it just happened that I had no hammer and nails for pictures. I tried my best and searched throughout the Legislative Yuan and then I was able to find twelve nails for pictures. When we lived in the cities we did not realize how invaluable nails and old newspapers were!


Both Xie Baoqiao and Lou Tongsun (樓桐孫)[1] came to talk with me. We talked for quite a long time about Legislative Yuan matters and the diplomatic committee.

[1] Lou Tongsun (1896-?) was a law expert who had studied in France. He went to Taiwan after 1949.