Wednesday, 3 April

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Round House

Wednesday, 3 April


Sun Fo told me about the Soviet Union’s recent attitude towards our country. He also said he had heard that General Chiang had agreed to send Shao Lizi as Ambassador to the Soviet Union. Sun Fo also discussed with me about the documents for solving the Yen’s case. I thought that the methods prepared by C.H. Wu and Runchu were fine.

Lou Tongsun and Wang Jinan (汪紀南) came. I talked to Lou Tongsun about the constitution issue. I asked him to make a concern of it in advance. He immediately agreed.

In the evening, Sun Fo invited Bai Chongxi to have dinner at his home. After dinner, I went with Wang Chonghui to his residence and discussed Yen’s case papers with him. He thought they should be amended. We talked until 1.00 a.m., then I returned to the Round House.