Sunday, 31 March

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Left Neijiang, returned to Chengdu

Sunday, 31 March


I woke at five in the morning.  After breakfast we left Neijiang at six. Our cars did not stop on the way and I returned to the Round House at Chungking by 12.30 noon. I took a nap in the afternoon.

Liang Hancao talked about what happened regarding the failure in South Guangxi. What he said was the same as Ye Zhao in many aspects. He also told me what happened about the misunderstanding between Zhang Fakui and Yu Hanmou, and Lin Hanhun’s relationship with this.

At 9.00 a.m. Wang Chonghui came. He told me that with regard to the declaration of the establishment of Wang Jingwei’s puppet government the American Secretary of State, Cordell Hull, had made it clear that the United States’ position was absolutely not to recognise it. The wording was really very good. He also told me that among the documents in the assassination organ organized by Wang Jingwei which were captured by the Hong Kong Government some recorded that Xie Wuliang (謝無量)[1] received a $500 subsidy per month. For this reason, Xie has been captured and is still in custody. As a literati Xie was devoid of morality like this. I do not get along with this type of person. Wang Chonghui also talked about Italy’s position. Now though it was influenced by the American attitude it was somewhat alleviated as he was afraid that Italy would finally come into a relationship with Wang Jingwei’s puppet government. He talked with me until twelve noon then left.

[1] Xie Wuliang(1884-1964) was a famous scholar on Chinese literature from Sichuan.