Wednesday, 31 January

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Round House

Wednesday, 31 January


Chen Mingshu introduced Zhu Yunshan (朱蘊山) to me. He talked about the situations in Hubei, Henan and Anhui and in the Northwest in great detail. He was an old comrade and has been quite disappointed recently. I cheered him up that he should not be like this as General Chiang really wanted to improve the situation. Though a section of the cadres could not keep up with the situation, a number of them (particularly those at the Front) had made progress. The old comrades of our party should try their best to help develop General Chiang’s new force. Even Tan Pingshan and I thought we should put more effort into the Youth Corps, and had worked concentrating on its struggling spirit in the past. If something would go smoothly, we could leave it aside. All in all, we should do as much as we could to help General Chiang. It was because although some of his close associates really meet with our approval, those elements which were good should be retained by all means, otherwise General Chiang’s work would be much more difficult. We must bear in mind that under the current circumstances when our war of resistance and nation-building are under way, the only path for our country is to support General Chiang’s work. Zhu Yunshan really agreed with what I said. He also said that as we had such hope he would accept the invitation of Li Zongren (李宗仁),[1] Tang Erbo (湯恩伯)[2] and others to go to the Front again; and he also urged Tan Pingshan to work harder.

Ma Chaojun came, showing me the draft letter he was going to present to General Chiang with regard to the mediation of the KMT and the CCP. I discussed it with Sun Fo and I thought that the terms Ma Chaojun suggested were the same as the terms He Yingqin and Ye Jianying were now discussing. To me there was no need. Sun Fo even thought that Ma Chaojun may have other motives in mind.

[1] Li Zongren(1891-969) was the leader of the Guangxi Clique. He was a top military leader of the Nationalist Government.

[2] Tang Enbo(1899-1954) was a Kuomintang general.