Thursday, 30 November

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Thursday, 30 November


At 9.00 Li Dugong came. I went to the home of Liu Weichi with him to invite Chan Chak and others to have lunch at Xinlaihong. Then Chan Chak and Zhan Jusi (詹菊似)[1] took a flight to return to Hong Kong. I went to the Xinxin Café with Li Dugong and Tianjuan and stayed for a while. The place was dubbed “Gloucester Tower of Chongqing”[2] because after 4.00 or 5.00 in the afternoon modern women and ladies of Chongqing as well as comrades in the air force always went to have tea there so it was the most fashionable meeting place. We stayed only for a while but felt that it was right.


In the evening Minister Wang Chonghui invited the French Ambassador to China, Henri Cosme, to have dinner. The secretary of the French Embassy and others also attended. A certain Mr. Gandon and his wife also came to the dinner. His wife was young and beautiful. She said she was born in Beiping and she spoke quite good English. She had stayed in Czechoslovakia last year. According to her, Czechoslovakians were dissatisfied with Dr. Beneš, which differed from what I had heard. I wonder if it was the case that I did not stay there long enough to obtain the accurate public opinion. Bellieux and Corle have been in China for many years and they could speak quite good English. After the guests left I talked with Wang Chonghui for a long time because he thought that I would be “imprisoned” in Dushiqiao next morning so he had to bid farewell to me. He still wanted to resign but I tried my best to dissuade him from doing so. It was because General Chiang was so insistent in asking him to stay, if he resigned again it would cause a misunderstanding. He said with regard to the potential succession candidates he had talked to H.H. Kung and Zhang Qun. When they talked about Sun Fo both of them agreed. I had expected that both of them would agree. To H.H. Kung, Sun Fo was much better than Song Ziwen. To Zhang Qun if someone would take up the post then he would not be forced to take such a difficult and labouring job. But what I thought was that Sun Fo might not be willing to take it. Concerning the money for purchasing the book collection of Georges Padoux (寶道)[3] and the funding for Xu Chongzhi to go abroad Wang Chonghui advocated to take a major cut on both. For the matter of Xu Chongzhi he agreed to inquire into H.H. Kung’s attitude before implementation.


Cao Shuming (曹樹銘) [4]came to talk with me this afternoon. He said this morning Secretary-General Zhu Jiahua (朱家驊)[5] delivered a talk in a certain place, criticising the Soviet Union heavily. Cao Shuming thought that the Soviet Union was helping us during this time when we were in the resistance war. Though the CCP had made mistakes, we should not take this antagonistic attitude. I thought so.

[1] Zhan Jusi(?-1947) was an official in the Guangdong government. He was a friend of Fu Bingchang and relative of Hu Hanmin.

[2] Gloucester Tower was a landmark commercial building in Hong Kong.

[3] A French adviser in China.

[4] Cao Shuming (1904-?) was a native of Jiangsu. He had studied at St.John’s University and London University. He was a scholar of international relations and Chinese literature.

[5] Zhu Jiahua(1893-1963) had studied at Berlin University. He was a senior official in the Nationalist Government. He was also a renowned geologist.