Tuesday, 30 January

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Round House

Tuesday, 30 January


Tan Pingshan and Chen Mingshu came to chat. Chen Mingshu was unhappy with the intelligence workers who seemed quite disappointing. I said the new force working under General Chiang was making progress, particularly those who worked at the Front. After our War of Resistance, the new force would progress along further with General Chiang, and the reform must be successful, so we should not be disappointed. The old comrades in our Party should try their best to give substantial assistance to the new elements, the prospect of nation-building should be quite hopeful. We, as revolutionaries, should look to the accomplishment of our work as the only goal, and should not be bothered who did it. Both Tan Pingshan and Sun Fo agreed, and Chen Mingshu seemed to be relieved. After lunch I went with Chen Mingshu to his residence. I stayed there for a while and read poems and practised calligraphy. Then Tianjuan and Yukun came and we went to buy second-hand books together. We had dinner at the Fenjiang restaurant. Tianjuan invited Miss Jiang Yun (江雲),[1] Miss Liu, Miss Hu and Miss Li. They were all working in the Telephone Bureau and were quite knowledgeable.

[1] Fu Bingchang’s girlfriend. Hereafter referred as Jiang Fangling or her English name, Fanny (江芳苓).