Thursday, 2 January

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Thursday, 2 January


To Beibei with Fanny, Tianjuan and Yukun. Enjoyed a cheap meal of noodles at Taotao.

Wu Jingren (伍競仁)[1] came to stay with us for two days. He graduated from Hong Kong University and joined the Chinese Arsenal last year in order to prepare himself for further study in America next year. He told me that Lily will marry soon. She must be the wrong side of thirty, but still the object of many affectionate dreams and the envy of young maidens who could easily be her daughters. Like a peach, she is most sweet when rotten at the core. It will be a great relief to many names now that she is to be married. I congratulate her and many others.

[1] Wu Jingren was the son of Wu Chaoshu.