Tuesday, 2 January

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Round House

Tuesday, 2 January  


I woke early in the morning. The weather was fine. I wrote to Li Zhouxian, Dai Defu, Wu Shupeng (吳述彭)[1] and Qiongfang.

I went to the city centre to shop. I bought a Columbia phonograph for 150 [Chinese] dollars (It was about HKD30, which was not expensive.) Also I was very happy that I got a dozen unused Cantonese records at merely 20 dollars. It was because it is extremely difficult to find Cantonese records in Chungking. The shop’s stock had been moved from Xishi in Nanjing, moreover as the shop was so tiny its goods sell well, therefore they had to be sold cheaply.

I treated Wang Chonghui, Xiaozhi, Tianjuan and Yukun to lunch at the Shengsheng restaurant. After that I went shopping with Wang Chonghui. He said that since the value of the fabi had been devaluing if there was something I needed or something easy to store I should buy it as soon as possible. He was quite right but it was a pity that I do not have many savings. I returned home at 4.00.

Sun Fo told me that Liu Weichi was a dirty character. Recently he had urged Sun Fo to visit Zhang Qun more so the two of them could become closer. Sun Fo said he never did such a shameless thing and Liu Weichi should not behave in this manner.


[1] A close family friend of Fu Bingchang. He was Cantonese.