Tuesday, 2 April

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Tuesday, 2 April


At 12.00 noon Yukun and I left the town. We went to meet Jiang Fangling at the Shengsheng restaurant as appointed. Jiang Fangling was really convinced by Li Dugong and Chen Qingyun that she ought to go to Hong Kong or Guilin to find Robert Ho Shai-lai. I strongly urged her not to do so as I was very familiar with Robert Ho Shai-lai’s character. At the time when they met Ho might not pay attention to her, which would disappoint her and make her commit suicide. We do not want this to happen. So I asked her to go to Li Dugong’s home in the evening. On the other hand, I would ask Li Dugong and Chen Qingyun in advance to dissuade her from doing so.

I played Shiwuhu[1] with Chen Qingyun and Huang Guangde (黃光德) at Li Dugong’s until 11.00 p.m., then returned to the Round House.

[1] A Chinese card game.