Friday, 29 March

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Friday, 29 March


In the morning at the invitation of the party, political and military sectors here, Sun Fo went to the Provincial Party headquarters and the Central Military Academy to deliver talks. I went with Fan Bonong to buy second-hand books and rubbings.

At 5.00 in the afternoon the head of the construction factory, Chen Zhushan (陳築山) came and talked. He was back from Chungking.

At 7.00 p.m., Pan Chongsan invited us for dinner at his residence. He also invited Li Decheng (李德生) (There was a blind man. He played the yangqin and sang in dan tone, and invited blind man, Jia, to sing.  (He played the role of) Zhuqin, who was also known as Daoqin. He sang the Romances of The Three Kingdoms.)  The tones they sang seemed to mix the tones of Kun, Sichuan and Han, which appeared mediocre and not very attractive. Pan also invited Wannengjiao (萬能腳) to perform. He could write and cut papers merely by using his two legs. He also performed the trick of putting five eggs into a cup (using his legs), which was quite good.