Thursday, 28 December

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Chongqing, Fanzhuang

Thursday, 28 December


Wang Chonghui came to have lunch and discussed the approval of the Sino-Soviet Commercial Treaty. With regard to reporting to General Chiang, he thought that since Sun Fo had reported to and explained the whole thing to General Chiang, it was not necessary to report again. Both Sun Fo and I agreed.


He Boping came to talk with me. He said Li Hanhun invited him to be back to Guangdong to the standing committee of the Committee of Public Accounts. Li Hanhun wanted He Boping to take charge of committee affairs. He would be back to Guangdong and I also strongly agreed with it. But I warned him he must not be the magistrate. He Boping was quite a good person and quite capable, but he was a little bit too earnest for promotion.


In the evening Sun Fo told me that in the border area there was fear that skirmishes would break out between the KMT and CCP armies. During this time when the resistance war was on, if such a thing really happened, it would be a real great misfortune for China.