Wednesday, 27 December

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Chongqing, Fanzhuang

Wednesday, 27 December


I woke up in the morning. The sky was bright. I wrote to Fu Jincheng and Xu Chongzhi.


I went with Tianjun to the city to buy ‎records, but they were really too expensive. One 12-inch Blue Columbia Record cost 28 dollars. The ones with a black surface cost 25 dollars each, a 10-inch with a blue surface was 14 dollars, a 10-inch with black surface 12 dollars. I did dare to buy on behalf of (Sun Fo).


After lunch, the weather was quite good. Sun Fo invited me to go out for a walk. We went first to the Round House. The furnishing had been completed. Once we returned from Dushiqiao, we could move in. The place was quite nice. It could overlook the Jialing River and the scenery was wonderful. Sun Fo asked me to select one room for decoration. I chose the one facing East for its good scenery. Then we went to the foreign guests’ hostel. Its construction and the decoration of its bedrooms were quite good, while it was not so expensive. We left the hotel at 5.00 and proceeded to Laoyingyan. We returned home at 6.00 p.m.