Sunday, 26 November

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Sunday, 26 November


In the afternoon I went to Jialu to talk to Wu Tiecheng. I told him General Chiang told Wang Chonghui that since the withdrawal of the Nanjing and Wuhan governments[1] he and Wang were friends in times of trouble, and during this time of difficulty, as his friend, Wang Chonghui should stay on to help. Therefore Wang Chonghui was unable to raise the resignation again. Wu Tiecheng really agreed with this. It happened that we also talked about what Sun Fo did politically and how he had recently treated his colleagues, and Wu Tiecheng was deeply worried about this and proposed to give him advice regarding others. I warned him, based on Sun Fo’s temper recently, he should be careful in this action. Jiang Dingwen (蔣鼎文)[2] happened to come. We talked about the affairs in Nanning, saying it had fallen the day before yesterday. The Guangxi troops were quite inferior in combat power. The enemy occupation of Nanning was not merely an attempt on our international transportation line, he was afraid that it also served a political purpose.


According to news from Reuters Key Pittman[3] planned to raise the bill of economic sanctions against Japan during the opening of congress meetings next spring. Diplomacy on the American side towards us was becoming better.


Xie Huiyuan (謝惠元) and his wife Sun Wuyan (孫悟言) invited us to have dinner at the home of Wang Chonghui. The food was prepared by their maid, Guihua and her husband, which was quite good.

[1] Here Fu Bingchang meant the unification of the Nanjing and Wuhan governments.

[2] Jiang Dingwen(1893-1974) was a senior KMT general.

[3] Key Denson Pittman (1872-1940) US Senator from Nevada, Democrat, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations.