Friday, 26 January

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Friday, 26 January


Xie Baoqiao invited me to lunch at his home. The room he rented in the farmhouse was really dilapidated but he enjoys living in it. Also Miss Zhou was really too ugly to be companionable. I thought everyone has his own preference, and it is no good to impose one’s own on others.

At 4.30 p.m. Sun Fo came with Deng Zhaoyin (鄧召蔭)[1]. Li Zhouxian asked Deng Zhaoyin to bring, from Hong Kong, Liu Mengjue’s[2] (廖夢覺) Qu Wengshan[3] Beiyin Luqiqin (two records). The lyrics were by Ye Gongchuo (葉恭綽)[4] with music by Lei Tianzhu (雷天柱). I found the lyrics elegant yet unable to express emotion clearly and the music just mediocre, which was far inferior to Deng Fen’s (鄧芬)[5] Mengjue Honglou and Lin Jiansheng’s (林健生) Yuku Xiaoxiang. Ye Gongchuo was famous but not really competent in this type of art.

[1] Deng Zhaoyin was Cantonese. He was a friend of Fu Bingchang. He had studied at Harvard University.

[2] Should be “Liu” instead of “Luo”. An actor with Cantonese opera.

[3] Qu Dajun (屈大均,1630-1696) was a royalist from the Ming Dynasty.

[4] Ye Gongchuo (1881-1968) was a famous politician, scholar and collector from Panyu, Guangdong.

[5] Deng Fen (1894-1964) was a very famous Chinese painter from Nanhoi, Guangdong.