Saturday, 25 November

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Saturday, 25 November


I had lunch at the Shengsheng restaurant with Yisheng, Li Dugong. Zhou Yanming and Tianjuan.


At 5.00 p.m. Zeng Ziming (曾子明) visited me. He was hailed by Yan Xishan and had been to the Shanxi war zone. According to him as a matter of fact Yan Xishan‘s troops were unable to fight. The main reason was that the funding was inadequate as they needed four to five million, but the Central government only allocated $15,000,00. Moreover their ammunition was bad, which was as our Cantonese armies had some ten years ago. If it were not for the help of the Central armies they would have been annihilated long ago.


Peng Shoumin (彭壽民) introduced his son Peng Kejing (彭可京) to see me. Peng Kejing worked in the Central Bank and (his father) asked me to be his guarantor. I have known Peng Shoumin for a long time so I could not decline.


Wang Chonghui invited us to have dinner at his home. He jovially quoted an excerpt from Zhuangzi to ‘celebrate’ that something of Wu Shangying (吳尚鷹)[1] was stolen.

[1] Wu Shangying(1892-1980) was a close friend of Fu Bingchang. He studied in Canada and the United States. He was an official of the Nationalist Government.