Monday, 25 December

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Chongqing, Fanzhuang

Monday, 25 December


I woke up in the morning. It was foggy. At 9.00 I went to the Grand Hall of the Nationalist Government to attend the memorial week service, and celebrate the commemoration of the Yunnan Uprising. Chairman Lin Sen reported for half an hour.


Wu Tiecheng, Ma Chaojun, Liu Weichi and others came to my home and we talked about the Zhang Huichang matter. Wu Tiecheng said Customs had taken many photos recording what and how he smuggled, therefore the evidence was quite concrete. Probably it was undeniable that his father and wife were involved in the fraud.


Ye Jianying and Dong Biwu (董必武)[1] came and they reported in detail the fractions between the KMT and the CCP. They also said that the issue in the Shaanxi-Gansu would not escalate. Nevertheless He Zhonghan (賀衷寒),[2] a certain Mr. Li, as well as others whom General Chiang sent to communicate with the CCP were greatly biased, which made discussion impossible. They were also unwilling to do the contact jobs. Therefore they asked Sun Fo if the chance became available he should try his best to ask General Chiang to send others without prejudice to do the job. Sun Fo urged that for the part of the CCP they should not suspect that after the end of the resistance war that the KMT would offend the CCP, and should not even suspect that the KMT would come into compromise with Japan in the midway. Ye Jianying talked with me with regard to the situation in Europe for quite a long time. We also touched on the situation of the resistance war. Tan Pingshan (譚平山)[3] was also present.


In the evening Wang Kunlun (王崑崙) invited me to have dinner at the International Club. We happened to talk about the female office worker Ms. Huang of the branch of the Sino-Soviet Cultural Association. It was said that after the end of the celebration of the Soviet Memorial Day held by the Sino-Soviet Cultural Association, as many as 35 people escorted her back to her home. It is just universal that men have a passion for pretty women. After dinner, I went with Chen Mingshu to his home. We talked about calligraphy. He has been copying Fugesong [A name of a rubbing字帖] recently and is making good progress.

[1] Dong Biwu(1886-1975) was a Communist leader of China.

[2] He Zhonghan(1900-1972) was a native of Hunan. He graduated from Whampoa Military Academy and was a loyal follower of Chiang Kai-shek.

[3] Tan Pingshan(1886-1956) was a Communist leader of China. He was a native of Guangdong.