Friday, 24 November

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Friday, 24 November


I talked to Wu Tiecheng with regard to the resignation of Wang Chonghui. Wu Tiecheng said Zhang Qun also expressed sympathy for the resignation of Wang Chonghui as Zhang knew deeply the various difficulties (on personnel and policy) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But Zhang Qun could not tell Chiang about it as the latter was now concurrently the President of the Executive Yuan. He not only could not recommend any capable person to help but also he would get rid of one of Chiang’s helping hands, therefore it was inappropriate to do so. Zhang Qun even feared that Chiang would ask him to take up Wang’s post and he did not know how to respond to Chiang. Therefore he had asked H.H. Kung to tell General Chiang. Wu Tiecheng also touched on the matter of Sun Fo. He felt sorry for Sun Fo’s bad temper and his recent ways of doing things which aroused disappointment, but he could not think of any way to save the situation. I agreed with him.


In the afternoon I returned home. At 5.00 Wang Chonghui went to see General Chiang. On returning he told me that on his resignation Chiang tried hard to dissuade him. Chiang said that diplomatically speaking news from the United States was becoming better so it was not good to change the Minister of Foreign Affairs at this moment. Also he said that if Wang Chonghui’s resignation was on health grounds Wang could ask others to handle trivial affairs for him instead. Therefore Wang Chonghui could not insist on the resignation. I also thought that Wang Chonghui should not raise the issue again so as to arouse misunderstanding. He agreed too.


In the evening Tao Yisheng came to my room to have a long talk after dinner. He said Zhang Qun intended to ask him to be deputy secretary-general. I said it would be quite good if he served as the deputy secretary-general in the National Defense Congress helping Zhang Qun, but if it was deputy secretary-general in the Executive Yuan it would be no good. Firstly the status was unworthy. Secondly I was afraid it would arouse misunderstanding from both H.H. Kung and Wei [Daoming]. Therefore it was unworthy to do so. Yisheng quite agreed with what I said.