Thursday, 23 November

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Thursday, 23 November


In the morning I went with Chan Chak and Hu Wencan to see Chairman Lin Sen (林森)[1] and we had a long talk. He was more familiar with party affairs abroad than anyone. He said Xiao Jishan, Zhou Qigang and Chen Shuren were all inappropriate choices for the job. Xie Zoumin (謝作民) was even worse. When he was abroad he wanted to mobilize Hakka people everywhere. So if he came to a position the party headquarters would be divided. I told Lin Sen of the recent life of Xu Chongzhi in Hong Kong and told him what I had talked about to Wang Chonghui last night, advocating dispatching Xu Chongzhi abroad to offset the activities of Wang Jingwei’s clique. Lin Sen strongly agreed with this. Hu Wencan supported the idea of sending Xu Chongzhi abroad, saying he would ask for the consent of Zou Lu for this suggestion.


The manager of the China National Aviation Corporation, Huang Baoxian (黃寶賢), invited me for lunch at the Guguyan restaurant. (No.37 Da Tanzi Yangliu Street). The food was really good.


In the afternoon I returned to the Liu residence and gave Chan Chak the letter I had drafted for him to General Chiang. He praised it quite highly.


Chen Qingyun (陳慶雲)[2] told me that he saw Song Ziwen today. He really did not want to take the post as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Song said General Chiang was really opinionated and it was hard to work with him. He was also not very good to Sun Fo, saying he was too bad-tempered.

[1] Lin Sen (1868-1943) was a veteran revolutionary. He was from Fujian.

[2] Chen Qingyun (1897-1981) was a Cantonese who lived in Japan as a child. He was a leader of the air force of the Nationalist Government.