Thursday, 23 January

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Thursday, 23 January


I visited the Bao Yuan Co. with Dr. Sun Fo. Wu Shangying, Zeng Qihui, and Mei Xinru. The chairman, Lan Wenbin (藍文彬, also known as Lan Shaolu藍紹侶), took us there. A fairly big organization supplying over 500 tons of coal to Chungking every day. Owing to the war, they cannot obtain new machines from abroad, and so have to use what they can get here. They have fifteen coal mines employing over 2,000 workers. Transportation is their main difficulty. So besides two light railways of about five kilometres each, a canal was constructed ten years ago. The scenery along the canal is quite good and a sort of model farm has been newly established along the banks. One W. Lui is working on fish breeding. He told me he can easily supply Chungking with two million fish this summer, making a profit of several million dollars for himself! He was a brigadier disabled at Chenhang, near Shanghai, at the beginning of the war. Lan Wenbin was also, at one time, a famous general commanding the best division of Liu Xiang’s army. I do hope all army commanders at the end of this war can have the opportunity of participating in the industrialization of our country such as these men have done. They treat their workmen quite fairly, having a daily wage of about $9 (i.e. $270 per month), besides building schools for their children etc.

President Sun told me that two or three weeks ago Dai Li (戴笠)[1] raided a house at [or a place called Shandong山洞, unclear, refer to original] confiscating over 3 million dollars’ worth of goods—mostly gasoline and cigarettes. The men at the house opened fire but being outnumbered were disarmed. It was discovered that this illegal store belongs to the beloved daughter of Dr. H.H. Kung (H.H. Kung’s second daughter)! He also told me about corruption in the Ministry of Economics. I do not know what to think of them. No wonder, as I have been told, the Generalissimo has recently been in a very bad mood.

[1] Dai Li(1897-1946) was a close associate of Chiang Kai-shek. He was in charge of the intelligence service of KMT.