Tuesday, 23 January

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Tuesday, 23 January

Snow falling in the morning.


The first time I saw snow at Chungking. The weather became terribly wet and cold. I had to use a fire pan.

Gao Zongwu (高宗武)[1] and Tao Xisheng (陶希聖)[2] sent a letter to the Dagongbao in Hong Kong to denounce Wang Jingwei for accepting humiliating terms from Japs. They sent a photographic copy of the terms and correspondence between Wang and the Japs for publication. Such rascals are bound to stab one another

[1] Gao Zongwu (1905-1994) was a politician from Zhejiang who had studied in Japan. He was an expert on Japan.

[2] Tao Xisheng (1899-1988) was a politician and graduate from Peking University. He was said to be the ghostwriter of China’s Destiny.