Saturday, 23 December

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Chongqing, Fanzhuang

Saturday, 23 December


I wrote to Zhaoxian, Liu Kai, C.H. Wu and Dai Defu.


Gao Baodong (郭葆東) invited me to have lunch at his home. Elder pork-marked Liu complained that his house was destroyed.


In the afternoon Wang Chonghui sent me the translated text of the Soviet-Polish Commercial Treaty. I examined it closely. With regard to the regulation for the position of Department of Commercial Representative, it was the same as the Sino-Soviet Commercial Treaty. In term number ten, it ruled that Poland could open the same department in the Soviet Union. It was because the Soviet side thought that Poland had no such need. After negotiations Poland agreed to abolish this term. The treaty was signed in June 1936, but it was not approved until this February.


Bao Yuanru (鮑淵如) moved to Sun’s residence because it was inappropriate to draft reports and suchlike in a hotel. Also he could handle miscellaneous secretarial works for Sun Fo.


Wang Chonghui and Xu Mo invited us to have dinner at Wang’s residence. (This was mainly for Sun Fo.) I talked with Yang Shukan (楊庶堪)[1] about the recent situation of Xu Chongzhi. Xu Mo showed me the articles “With Regard to the Organization of the Central Government” written by Zhou Fohai (周佛海), as well as “Wang Jingwei and I” by Konoe Fumimaro (近衛文麿), which were published by the South China Daily News [2] on 18 December 1939.

[1] Yang Shukan(1881-1942) was a native of Chongqing, Sichuan. He was a Chinese politician. He was well-versed in Chinese Classics and English.

[2] In Hong Kong.