Wednesday, 22 November

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Wednesday, 22 November


At 10.00 a.m. I went to Ma Chaojun’s home and we had a long talk. He did not think it was good that I took up the post as executive committee of the KMT general branches in Hong Kong and Macao as he thought that the post was too low in status which did not match my qualifications. I replied defensively that there was nothing left for me in the Legislative Yuan and the party affairs in Hong Kong were really important, but still he was not convinced. He criticized Sun Fo on many aspects. To be honest Sun Fo has been really bad-tempered recently but no one would dare to tell General Chiang frankly about it. No wonder Ma Chaojun was so discontented.


Wu Tiecheng came to my home. I immediately asked him to seek help from Zhang Qun so that Wang Chonghui could resign his post as Minister of Foreign Affairs. He was deeply sympathetic for the difficulties encountered by Wang Chonghui over the past two years and agreed to meet Zhang Qun this afternoon to discuss the matter. He also said General Chiang suggested that having a committee for treaties, which would be under the Executive Yuan, was actually intended to give Wang Chonghui a place after he left the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I thought what he said was correct.


Chan Chak said he saw General Chiang yesterday and made a report of things in Guangdong. Chiang said if funding was inadequate he could discuss the matter with him. Therefore Chan Chak asked me to draft the letter for him, asking Chiang to allocate US$3,000 per month.


Chen Qingyun told me it seemed to him that Song Ziwen did not want to take the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs. He thought that even if Song Ziwen was willing to take the post, Chiang and his wife would disagree. I really did not think so.


In the evening I talked to Wang Chonghui and we touched on the matter of Xu Chongzhi (許崇智)[1]. He thought it would be wise to arrange for Xu to go abroad and make a tour to the Overseas Chinese on behalf of the government so that Xu would not be enchanted by Wang Jingwei. He thought that our government could agree and he would be happy to discuss it with H.H. Kung.

[1] Xu Chongzhi (1887-1965) was a Cantonese military leader. He had been the sworn brother of Chiang Kai-shek.