Friday, 22 December

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Chongqing, Fanzhuang

Friday, 22 December


This morning a certain committee of the Legislative Yuan told Sun Fo face-to-face that there were shady deals happening in the Legislative Yuan. During lunch Sun Fo interrogated me about what really happened. I had to tell him a little bit. He said Wu Shangying should take the responsibility. He wanted to ask why when Wu Shangying reported to him in Hanoi, Wu said that all matters in the Legislative Yuan were quite satisfactory. I could not tell Sun Fo frankly. Qihui only said Wu Shangying also had many difficulties and Sun Fo should understand it.


After dinner I went to Number 3, Yin Lu with Chen Qingyun. Wu Zhimei (伍智梅)[1] mentioned the matter of Zhang Huichang. (General Chiang had issued a written order to dismiss him for investigation. He was put under surveillance by Wu Fei (吳飛) and it was hoped that he could do something to mend his faults.) We all thought that what Li Hanhun did was too much. It was because Zhang Huichang defended Zhongshan and he did it bravely. Even though he had faults his merits were enough to offset it. It had been heard that Bohao had sent Sun Fo two cablegrams, saying he had got evidence that Zhang Huichang smuggled things. He asked Sun Fo to forgive him that he should do so. So what the person sent for investigating Zhang Huichang told Chan Chak that the report was favourable to Zhang Huichang was untrue. It is a great pity that words from people are so unreliable like this.

[1] Wu Zhimei (1898-1956) was a native from Taishan of Guangdong. She had studied medicine in Chicago University. She died in Taiwan in 1956 when she was delivering a talk. She was a female politician.