Tuesday, 21 November

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Tuesday, 21 November


Lin Foxing (林佛性) came. He was seriously unhappy with Zeng Qiwei, saying that if it was not for Sun Fo, many committee members thought that Zeng should be punished. I went with him, Yuanru, Tianjuan and Li Dugong to have lunch at the Shengsheng restaurant.


I talked to Wu Tiecheng with regard to the resignation of Wang Chonghui. After talking to him he agreed to help relay the matter to General Chiang.


Chen Jitang (陳濟棠)[1] invited me for dinner. On returning home, Wang Chonghui discussed the resignation letter to President Kung with me and the letter to General Chiang. We dispatched the letters immediately. Wang Chonghui told me that he was determined to resign. If the resignation was not granted he would then only ask for punishment for disobeying orders.


Xian Jimao (冼季昴) and his wife invited me for dinner at their home.

[1] Chen Jitang (1890-1954) was a warlord of Guangdong. He was dubbed the “Southern King”.