Sunday, 21 January

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Dushiqiao, Wenquan Beibei

Sunday, 21 January


As the weather is getting worse we had no interest in staying on and so decided to leave. Got to Beibei at 11.30 a.m. Did a little shopping. I wished to atone my mistake in presenting the ink-pot to Miss Jia by presenting her with a new gown which is more useful to her. But to my admiration, she refused to take it saying it was not worth as much as $12! Such a nice girl! Had lunch at the Taotao restaurant. Quite good Cantonese food. At 2.30 left Beibei by truck. It is one of the very worst journeys I have ever taken. It is a regular cargo car in very poor shape and I only wondered why none of us had been shaken out during the journey. Fortunately it took only 20 minutes to get to Dushiqiao where we took leave of our two fair companions who had to continue their journey for half an hour more to get to Fenghuangchang and then walk eight 8 li [1]more to get to their home.

[1] The Chinese li (里), or Chinese mile, measures half a kilometre.