Monday, 20 November

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Monday, 20 November


At 9.00 after memorial week we had the sixth meeting of the Sixth Plenum. It passed the resolution suggesting the Readjusting Committee of party, political and military executive organs be forwarded to the executive council to raise the bill. Probably it was based on what General Chiang said the day before yesterday. 1) The Social Department would come under the Executive Yuan instead. 2) The Overseas Department would be changed into the Committee of Overseas Party Affairs and its remit would be diminished. 3) The Executive Yuan would have more departments such as the Department of Forestry and Water Works, Trade Department, an institute researching international treaties, a committee specializing in land and a Medical and Health Department and so on. H.H. Kung suggested recommending General Chiang to take up the Presidency of the Executive Yuan concurrently. The reason was that militarily Chiang was always away so he had to take up the post of President of the Executive Yuan. Now the military situation had become stable Chiang should take it again. Zhang Qun also resigned the post as Vice-President for the same reason. Chiang said he had to accept it reluctantly because of the current situation but H.H. Kung was still the Vice-President. The people in the meeting all agreed. Chiang also proposed the candidates for the party headquarters and all were passed. Then there was a discussion about the draft of declaration, which was passed with amendments. After the break we had the closing ceremony.


At 5.00 Li Dugong (黎度公) came. I asked him to enquire whether Song Ziwen was willing to take the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs or not. He replied that Song Ziwen was not willing but showed no ill-feelings.


At 7.00 General Chiang invited Central Committee members to deliver talks for two long hours in the hall of the Military Committee. He was humble in his wording, which was contrary to his habit.