Saturday, 20 January

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Dushiqiao, North Wenquan Park

Saturday, 20 January


The weather, though not rainy, is not so good. We got up early and had our breakfast at the public dining hall (the Jialing Restaurant) as usual. Each of us consumed over half a dozen eggs having no better food than very poor tasteless noodles. Then followed a walk in the garden and in spite of the poor light, I took several photographs. We visited the old temple again where we saw some beautifully made Chinese ink pots. I presented one to each of our fair companions. I regretted my generosity afterwards, because the souvenir will be such a burden to them—their duty makes them travel from one place to another so often that they regularly have to carry their own belongings and the ink-pot is so heavy—that it will be a curse to them whenever they remember me. But the damage is done.

Climbed up to the top of the hill to Feilai Pavilions, by the old path which is not so steep. It is quite a wonderful walk. Were I twenty years younger I would choose the place as an ideal one for courting. Even with fair companions it has the spirit of love-making, the atmosphere and surroundings being so good. No wonder a lady once told me that it was due to the moonlight and wonderful surroundings that she made the greatest blunder by consenting to marry her husband when she did not love him at all. Back to lunch at the public dining hall and afterwards visited Zhuzhuang and the Yuhua Cave and then back to the hotel at 4.00. I stayed in while the rest of the party went to have their bath at the hotel spring.

Spent the evening playing “7” and bridge till 12.30.