Wednesday, 1 January

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Dormitory, Legislative Yuan, Round House of Ba Xian, Eastern Sichuan

Wednesday, 1 January  



This should be a good year. Our enemy has been foolish enough to kill the hopes of America. Great Britain is compromising by joining The Powers, thus forcing the democratic powers to regard us as one of them and give us better support. We have every hope of success and therefore our future is extremely bright. I am beginning to adapt to the hard conditions here. During the last few months, I have again earnestly studied a few old Classics, The Book of Documents, The Book of Changes, The Book of Rites and learnt a great deal of the philosophy of life. I do wish that some of our leaders would digest these volumes to learn the proper ways of treating men.

Began our own cooking today. Zhou Hanguang cooked for us. Got much better food at a much lower price. Never depend upon others if you can possibly help it.

Yuan celebration at 10.00 a.m. Wu Shangying presided and made a short speech.

Wu Shangzhi(吳尚志) was invited to lunch. He left the Salt Administration and took up bursaries at the beginning of the war and is now doing extremely well. Government posts are no longer regarded as good positions, as they provide neither honour nor enough money to support one’s family.

He Sui called and we talked on various subjects.