Monday, 1 January

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Round House, Chungking

                                     Monday, 1 January

Twenty-second day of the eleventh lunar month


Today was New Year’s Day in the twenty-ninth year of Minguo. Our resistance war has persisted for over twenty-nine months. We have fought increasingly bravely and other friendly nations increasingly admire us. They have continued their assistance. We can be very optimistic about our country’s future. For me, looking back, because of the personal economic hardship of the last year, I felt acute psychological pain. I stayed in Hong Kong for many months but I could not achieve anything, and contribute much to the party or the state either. I felt terribly sorry. I even did not make much progress with my learning. I hope I can have the chance to work harder for the party and the state. I should also put more effort into my personal studies.

At 8.00 I went to the Nationalist Government to pay my tribute to the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum afar.[1] The ritual was quite simple. Then I returned home at 9.00. Li Wenfan came and we talked about the constitution issue. He thought that perhaps the Generalissimo wanted to pass the constitution so that in the future when the CCP and other parties did illegal things or something which was bad for the overall political situation, he could openly use the constitution as a foundation to sanction them, so that they could not make the excuse that the KMT was authoritarian and repressive towards them. I thought what Li Wenfan said was quite logical. Cheng Cangbo (程滄波)[2] came and we talked about the Sino-Soviet Commercial Treaty. I showed him the report I had read at the Legislative Yuan meetings so that when there were external criticisms he could explain.

Nephew Zhuang sent me a box of candy. It was a gift sent from far away and I was really grateful.

[1] In Nanjing.

[2] Cheng Cangbo (1903-1990) was a journalist from Jiangsu. He had studied in Shanghai and Britain. He was a friend of Fu Bingchang.