Monday, 1 April

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Monday, 1 April


At nine in the morning I went to the Grand Hall of the Nationalist Government to take part in the weekly united memorial service.

At ten o’clock I took part in the National Political Council opening ceremony.

At eleven-thirty I went with Sun Fo and Wang Chonghui to Party headquarters to sit in on the constitution conference. I said if all the councillors wanted to join, then all the people of the Legislative Yuan would also ask to join too. Ye Chucang said that it was possible for all the councillors to join. Probably only one third of them could. Therefore, for part of the Legislative Yuan only those of the constitution committee could take part in it.

After lunch, I went with Chen Qingyun to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to meet with Xu Mo to discuss the matter of raising funds abroad for the Aviation Association.

At 3.30 p.m. I went to Li Dugong’s home. Li Dugong told me what happened about the love affair between Robert Ho Shai-lai (何世禮)[1] and Jiang Fangling, which had quite a few interesting details. Not long afterwards He, Jiang Fangling and Ma also came. Li Dugong and Chen Qingyun strongly urged Jiang Fangling to go to Guilin to find Robert Ho Shai-lai. Jiang Fangling seemed to be moved.

I returned to the Round House at 10.30 p.m.

[1] Ho Shai-lai(1906-1998) was a senior KMT general. He was the son of Robert Ho Tung(何東,1862-1956).