Sunday, 19 November

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Sunday, 19 November


In the morning I went with Wang Chonghui to buy books.


Yanru’s son Yongchang came. He studied in the United States and has returned to China. Now he is an engineer in the Military Ministry.


Cheng Tianfang (程天放)[1] came and we talked about the European current situation for a long time. He borrowed my book Inside Asia.


Chen Cheng invited me to have dinner at his home and we talked about the situation in Nanning.


Xie Gengmin and his wife, Wen Yuqing (溫玉卿), had a banquet in the home of Wang Chonghui. (Birthday of Wang Chonghui.)

[1] Cheng Tianfang (1899-1967) had studied in Illinois and Toronto Universities. He was a diplomat and politician.