Friday, 19 January

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Dushiqiao, Lonesome Stone Bridge, North Wenquan

Friday, 19 January


At 10.00 a.m. a penal meeting. (Diplomatic Committee)

At 2.30 p.m. to Beibei with Tianjuan by rickshaw. Yukun met us at the ferry with Jia Ruzhen (賈如真) and Jiang Huide (江慧德). Both of them are working at the touring educational team for the Ministry of Education. Miss Chia comes from a very good family in Nanjing. Her family owned the Chung Hing Store and she graduated from Wai Wan College. Following the loss of our Capital she came to Chungking and worked for her living as a school teacher. (She has to send 15 dollars per month back to her father in Nanjing out of her small income of 35 dollars per month.) Though not pretty and badly clad she has a very pleasant and cheerful disposition and makes a good traveling companion. Part of her duty is to act in short performances and her theatrical name is Jinjia. Arrived at the Wenquan Park at 4.00. Put up at the Shufanlou. Played “7” till 11.00 at night.