Friday, 19 April

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Round House

Friday, 19 April


Sun Fo invited Lin Zuhan, Dong Biwu, Qin Bo Gu (秦博古)[1], Ye Jianying and Deng Yingchao (鄧穎超)[2] and others to have lunch at his home. Qin told us the content of the two resolutions in six clauses in total which were passed by the National Political Council Special Committee.

At 7.00 Sun Fo invited some twenty people including Tcheng Soumay, Li Jishen, Zhang Qun and Mrs. Li Zongren and others. Dr Tcheng received a cablegram from Peiping yesterday, saying that her mother had passed away so she could not come. Wang Chonghui arrived early. I said with regard to the matter of Xie Jinlou, after investigation it was found that the photo had been leaked by the General Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As for the five hundred dollars per month for supporting the woman, it was Lou Tongsun who told Wei Daoming. He asked me to inquire of Lou Tongsun about the facts, which are exactly the same as predicted by Wu Shangying and I. Wang Chonghui was really miserable.

Today I read H.G.Wells’ s The Fate of Man at my home, which was quite logical. He was particularly blunt in his criticisms of Britain and Chamberlain.

[1] Qin Bo Gu(1907-1946) was a senior CCP leader who had studied in Moscow. His original name was Qin Bangxian(秦邦憲).

[2] Deng Yingchao(1904-1992) was the wife of Zhou Enlai.