Sunday, 18 February

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Sunday, 18 February

Eleventh day of the first lunar month


At ten in the morning I went to the market in Xiemachang with Shi Shangkuan and Tianjuan. (In Cantonese, we called it Xuri.) The market was big and it was quite crowded. There were many booths, but not many goods for sale. The merchandise was so poor in quality, it proves the intelligence level of Sichuan people is low. In Sichuan province there is only high society and low society; there is no such thing as a middle society. This is really true. We had lunch at a certain restaurant, which was also operated by Jiangsu natives. After lunch we left Xiemachang at 12 noon on foot. At 12.35 we went to Daimotan. The scenery there was really nice. We went further downwards to Gaokengya. The waterfall drop was more than a hundred feet. The width of the source of the waterfall was originally more than one hundred feet. After rain, the water falls from the waterfall, with as much beauty as Niagara Falls. Only the scale was much smaller. Now the waterfall is divided into several waterfalls. They might pour out from the steep cliff, might splash like ejecting snow, or might come out from the pine rock and swirl. They are in various forms, which are so beautiful. We followed the winding course to the lower part of the waterfall.  He Hanjing (何漢昌) and Long Renhua (龍紉華) and others were already there. We chose the smoother rocks on which to take a rest and viewed the scenery along the way. I found the view of the water pouring from the waterfall so marvelous, and the sound of the falling water so gorgeous that it made one unwilling to leave. We stayed for around one hour. We departed at three, and took the small path to return directly to Dushiqiao. I arrived home at 4.15 in the afternoon.