Wednesday, 17 April

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Round House

Wednesday, 17 April


I wrote to family in the morning.

Li Jishen and Chen Mingshu invited us to dinner at the Guangdong Restaurant. After this Wang Chonghui invited me to his home and talked with me again about the matter of Xie. He was so anxious about this matter that I thought there must be another inside story as Wu Shangying told me that at Wei Daoming’s residence he found that Tcheng Soumay seemed to have quarrelled with Wang Chonghui. Wang Chonghui’s situation was really pitiable. It happened that there was intelligence that enemy planes had departed and would pass through Shashi so I left for home earlier. I also borrowed from him H.G. Wells’s The Fate of Man. I read the book until 1.30 a.m. then I went to bed.