Thursday, 16 November

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Thursday, 16 November


At 9.00 we had the fourth meeting of the Sixth Plenum. Various Central Executive Committee members who were dispatched to various places made reports in the meeting. Huang Qishu (黃麟書)[1], Lu Yougang (陸幼剛)[2], Zhao Yunyi (趙允義) , Wang Bingjun (王秉鈞), Wang Luyi (王陸一), Chen Panling(陳泮嶺) all made reports but there was no satisfaction at all. Only Wang Bingjun mentioned in his report the activities of the CCP in various places in detail, particularly in Hebei the CCP were fiercer towards the KMT than to the enemy. It was really sad to learn about this. Chiang Kai-shek suggested the formation of a committee for adjusting institutions.


At noon Zou Lu (鄒魯)[3] and others invited us to have lunch at the Taoyuan Nongcun restaurant. Li Pinxian (李品仙)[4] talked about the situation in Nanning.


At 3:30 in the afternoon we had a political penal meeting discussing the general political report. I, and Wang Chonghui, prepared the materials for the part on diplomacy.

[1] Huang Qishu (1894-1997) was a Cantonese (Hakka) educator and KMT member. He died in Hong Kong.

[2] Lu Yougang (1892-1983) was a Cantonese politician and educator.

[3] Zou Lu (1885-1954) was a Cantonese (Hakka) veteran politician and an educator. He was an early follower of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. He had studied at Waseda University. He died in Taiwan in 1954.

[4] Li Pinxian (1890-1987) was a senior military leader of the Guangxi Clique.