Monday, 15 January

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Monday, 15 January


At 10.00 there was memorial week. Lou Tongsun made a report.

I discussed the establishment of the primary school with Wu Shangying, Shi Shangkuan and Lou Tongsun. The school would be funded by the Legislative Yuan.

Lou Tongsun told me that Jiang Dingwen said to him that there was still no evidence of the Soviet Union assisting the Eighth Route Army. Jiang Dingwen said that during the resistance war, with regard to the Soviet Union, we should succumb to it. Until the victory of the resistance war we could monitor it. Such a tone was telling of the policies of our country. Lou Tongsun asked me to urge Sun Fo that when he delivered talks or did other things he should pay attention not to be too overtly supportive towards the Soviet Union. I also agreed with what Lou Tongsun said.

I enjoyed staying at my home in the countryside, reading and practicing calligraphy all day. In Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kampf, with regard to National Socialist Party policy, which stressed nation as the most important thing, he strongly stated that Germany was the most advanced in the world, and it should use force to unify and lead the world. Not until then would the world have peace. He also mentioned retrogression from mixed-breeding. What he said was all absurd, and contrary to the evolutionary history of the world. When the culture of the Chinese nation had reached the highest standard, the Germans were still living in pits. Also as for mixed-breeding, no country was more diverse than the United States. Can we say the United States is retrogressive? To mention the purity of human race, Jews are surely the case. Then why was Hitler so contemptuous of Jews? Hitler’s theory was one without foundation. The German educational level was always quite high, but I really don’t know why they are fooled by him. Probably it is because of Germany’s circumstances that it came to a dead end. Germany had no choice but to try reluctantly. Probably it was as Hitler said, that in German education too much emphasis was placed on specific subjects, which gave people specialised knowledge whilst lacking in general knowledge.