Friday, 15 December

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Chongqing, Wang’s residence

Friday, 15 December    


In the morning He Sui came and we talked about the CCP situation. Ye Jianying was still in Chongqing. We also talked about what Li Jishen (李濟深)[1] said about what happened about the war in Guangxi.


Wang Chonghui said Sun Fo had arrived at Kunming yesterday and had gone to Chongqing today. Wu Tiecheng confirmed it by telephone but said it was not necessary to go to the airport to welcome him.


Guo Baodong (郭葆東) came to talk about what happened regarding the opening of the Yunnan trading branch, as well as how badly H.H. Kung treated the Yunnan representative at the beginning.


Xie Baochao came from Dushiqiao. I went with him to have dinner at the Guanshengyuan restaurant. He thought that he was afraid I could not decline my duty because of the constitution therefore I should not think of [refer to original, unclear] as it would arouse misunderstanding.

[1]Li Jishen(1885-1959) was a Guangxi militarist. He was a senior military officer in the Nationalist Government.