Sunday, 14 January

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Sunday, 14 January


At 8.00 Sun Fo sent Zeng Qiwei to take the car to collect me for a visit to the Jinyun Temple. At 9.00 we took sedans from the Sun Yat-sen Cultural Centre at Beibei, and we arrived at 10.40. Banners welcoming Sun Fo were pasted everywhere in front of the temple. Fazun enthusiastically received us personally. It happened that Li Jihong (李基鴻)[1] lived in the temple. He also came to welcome us. After lunch we went to the Lion Peak. We, numbered seven in total, including Sun Fo, Wu Shanging, Xie Baoqiao, Zeng Qiwei, Yang Huari, Sun Qian and Li Geng (李庚) were there.), who were able to climb to the pinnacle. It was a pity that because of the heavy fog we could not take a panoramic view of the other peaks. Also Sun Fo delivered a talk to the Institute for Han-Tibet Buddhism students on our resistance war, our culture, and Buddhist responsibilities. The talk lasted for about 45 minutes. Sun Fo is making great progress with speaking as he has put much effort into academic learning over the past few years. One needs to have great knowledge when making a good speech. Otherwise it is like a Wang Jingwei speech. Although he was not unable to move people, after the audience returned home considering what they had heard they could not find anything substantial. In this sense Wang cannot be regarded as a good orator. At 3.30 we left the temple. At 4.30 we went to the Sun Yat-sen Cultural Centre. I took Sun Fo’s car to return earlier to Dushiqiao, while he went to Chungking on his own. He repeatedly joked with me about my tolerating living in the countryside for two weeks. As a matter of fact I really enjoyed living in the countryside.

I learnt and copied the Hanren Ming of Han Dynasty.

[1] Li Jihong(1882-1973) was a follower of Master Taixu.