Thursday, 14 December

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Chongqing, Wang’s residence

Thursday, 14 December   


In the morning He Sui came and we talked about the CCP situation in quite great detail. Recently he was quite friendly with Chen Cheng.


In the afternoon I went out and bought reference books on constitution on behalf of Wang Chonghui. Because there was no car I had to have supper at the Fenjiang restaurant. I invited Huang Junbi, Zhou Yanmin and Tianjuan,


When I returned home I talked to Wang Chonghui until 1.30 a.m. He told me that when the party headquarters discussed the constitution, all attendants advocated the establishment of a stable constitutional organisation in order to offset the same organisations of various parties. Besides, five of them (Ye Chucang, Wang Chonghui, Zhang Qun, Jiang Zuobin (蔣作賓)[1], Wang Shijie), (all members) of the party headquarters had planned to join as the constitution draftees of the Legislative Yuan. Therefore I feared that I would be unable to leave Chongqing. I felt quite disappointed. He said Wei Daoming wanted to raise his resignation with General Chiang but the latter disapproved of it. Wang Chonghui also wanted to resign again but I dissuaded him as it would cause misunderstanding. He said Zhang Qun and H.H. Kung both agreed Sun Fo should take up diplomacy. I said what needed to be discussed was 1) whether General Chiang was willing or not, 2) what Sun Fo himself thought, 3) to see if it was suitable or not. Wang Chonghui said as he was eager to leave there was no need to discuss point 3. He was discontented with Dai Defu (戴德撫)[2], saying the latter spoke unfavourably behind his back, especially with regard to visa. He asked me to write to warn him. I agreed to do so.

[1] Jiang Zuobing(1884-1942) was a diplomat who studied military in Japan.

[2] Dai Defu had been Customs Superintendent and was in-charge Nationalist Government visas in Hong Kong. He was an official.